Rytmik Rock Edition (Nintendo DSiWare) – Overview & New Features – Let’s Rock!

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  1. Right, that's it. With this and the guitar app you showed my son's DSi is about to get some nintendo points. Daddy only has the DS Lite…

  2. I put the DSi onto my birthday list hoping that “someone” wouldn't think …. “well she already had a DS lite …. what's the point of another?” I got lucky and got the DSi so now I have the best of both Nintendo worlds. Still trying to learn Rytmik , although I haven't spent much time with it …. for me it's not very intuitive so I have to learn it. I did get into the Art Academy lessons, which I wasn't expecting so now I'm sidetracked.
    I'm really happy with the DSi and if you can swing it …. get it!

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