“Boutique” or “Circuitbent” instruments on i-Phone/Pad

Idle hands asks a good question about the pricing of an app against a hand made circuit bent instrument. A good point and could make for an interesting debate.

Also, the app he’s made looks interesting too.

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  1. Circuitbent or Boutique instruments or effects involves actual hardware that can sometimes be costly for the people who make them because they don't buy their materials in large quantities like bigger companies (although sometimes the prices of some boutique stuff can be debatable). His 99$ price comparison is more like a standard Boss pedal, which is hardly boutique.

    That said, his app sounds interesting.

  2. 99cents is good. I want people to get their money, but I have been circuit bending for years and an app is not the same. glad he has made the app and will buy it (if cheap). I like these apps to run my circuit bent instruments and toys thru them.

  3. What Johnnyg0 said. Real hardware involves real parts, which get expensive quick if you're not buying massive quantities, and real labor for each unit, which adds up to low volume of manufacturing in addition to the R&D required and finally the packaging/beautification. Things like the Squarewaveparade units are worth $200+ because they're limited, well-made, use quality parts, and are beautiful/lustworthy. Not to be rude, but this is yet another aimless noisemaker app and it's not even a good-looking one.

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