Akai Pro SynthStation25 Keyboard Controller Overview

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  1. You can not record your performance which is sugested
    in this vid.
    there is a stepsequencer where you can manual enter notes,

    but your actual performance on the keyboard can not be recorded, saved or exported.


  2. He's right, I've had the SynthStation app since it was released, and now I have the keyboard, and it still can only input notes by step sequencer.


  3. WEAKKKK!!!! Pathetic!!
    Hope the pending Nanostudio update includes live performance for the SS25.

    It's a make-or-break situation.


  4. Er, well actually you CAN record your live performance, and then send the .wav or .mid to your computer's browser via wi-fi.

    What is annoying is that the performance is not transcribed in the “grid edit” sequencer for later fine tuning. Nor is there any copy/paste transfer to other apps on the idevice itself.

    Still no-one out there able to say if it works with iPhone4???


  5. @Revere4 I saw a post on the blip forums (nanostudio) that the ss25 works with iphone4.

    Also I'm 99% certain that NS will allow you to record the midi data being play via the external keyboard. Matt says the update will be coming in the next 2-3 weeks.


  6. Thanks formal – Matt definitely knows his stuff, so he's presumably also right on this one.

    Certainly Nano would seem to be an ideal app to run on this hardware…


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