Sony developing casual gaming platform?

Whilst I’ve never owned a PSP I’m sort of intrigued as Beaterator had a lot of potential, so I continue to be interested in what might come from Sony in terms of a new platform or platforms for gaming.

Gadgetlab posts on what Sony are saying about when they will enter the market. It is all a bit vague as you’d expect, but I hope that they can do something interesting that’ll open more possibilities for mobile music. Clip to Evernote


  1. I have Beaterator and while lacking in some areas it's surprisingly deep. My problem was I could barely operate it after using 100+ different iOS touch apps. I literally tried to touch the PSP for like a week. The interface was actually good, my brain was mostly at fault. But without touchscreen I personally wouldn't be interested. Too bad Beaterator on iOS was a stripped down joke, the true app on iOS would be on par with nano and Beatmaker.

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