TUAW posts on a rumour that the iPhone 5 will include technology to enable remote computing. I wonder what this will mean for controller apps?

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  1. I passed on upgrading my 3GS to the iPhone 4 in hopes that iPhone 5 would have more to offer. Not sure that I'd really use this particular remote technology ….. I have a MacBook Pro and an iMac both of which I use for particular purposes, being that the MacBook is portable I can always use both computers at the same time and I've never found myself in a situation of being away from home and in need of using my data on someone elses Mac. I can see this being of use to corporate types. I personally hate to see Apple spending a lot of time on this when they could be developing stuff like Flash for the iPhone or built in USB connectivity …. and much more that would serve my needs ….. but that's just my selfish self talking.

  2. I've been using VNC software on my jailbroken touch for a while, and its very handy sometimes, but for music its way too laggy.

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