studio.HD 1.2 coming

Here’s some of what to expect:

  • NEW – Mixing with Volume and Effects Automation with 13 REAL TIME EFFECTS!

  • Every track has its own volume control and effects. Just drag and drop an effect from the FX list to assign that effect to a track. Each track can have up to 4 real time effects. All the Looptastic HD effects are there. That’s 13 realtime effects including Low, High and Band Pass Filtering, Notch Filter, Gate, Stutter Loop, Stutter Stepped, Stutter Gate, Bitcrusher, Flanger, Glitchy Repeater, Delay and NEW Reverb!. PLUS X-Y touch pad automation for effects and fader automation for volume.
  • NEW – Global Master Effects
  • Now you have effects available for your whole mix. Throw a Reverb on everything to bind it together or a spacey flange at the end of a song. Up to 4 effects at once!

studio.HD - Sound Trends LLC

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