New version of wiresq on the way

I was only playing with this the other day and thought that it would be great if you could save and load patches, and guess what, that’s on the way! Excellent. Here’s what’s coming to this excellent app.


  • The cool halos from the demo vid will now show up as you play with the app. This was a pretty horrible typo, I was doing a loop that decremented, but it didn’t go anywhere because the conditional had already been matched when the loop started. I am hoping this doesn’t rough up the performance too much on 3g and lower devices, but depending on what people say, I might try to fix this up again.
  • The square wave is now actually a square wave, not a triangle wave. Again, a typo. I put in the code to implement the square wave, but forgot to call it when the synth was set to a squarewave.
  • Touches will not fall through to the speed control. Woo, this one was wierd, and totally due to the vageries of my event system. I was forgetting to remove the touch event listeners from the speed control sliders when they were hidden by clicking on the playfield.
  • You will not lose your settings for SYN0 after returning to the app. This was the biggest pain to track down. Again, it was due to vagaries in my event system, I maintain two copies of the current synth settings, but the first synth was always getting zero’d out. It turned out that I had an update loop running on my synthEdit object when I didn’t mean to, and before I had loaded any of the relevant synth data.


  • Added integrated help files. Now you don’t need to jump out of the app to find out how to run the app.
  • Synth Volume control. No longer will your tracks be muddy when there are tons of notes being triggered.
  • File saving and loading. You can also access your saved files through the itunes document sharing, which will allow you to share your files with other people.
  • Analytics. This will probably just help me, but in turn, I am hoping that will help my users.

wiresq - Heavy Ephemera Clip to Evernote


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