Lets get LoFi 8 – Prosound Modded GBC + Pocket Music

ChrisLody | October 31, 2010

This is a bit of a departure from my normal Lofi videos but i just finished modding a gamboy color so i thought i’d do a video of it.

The mod to the gameboy color is a prosound mod which adds an extra output. At the start of the video i use the normal headphone jack to show the difference in level. My GBC had a blow speaker so i installed an extra jack in place of it. There is still some noise but that just appears to be part of the sound of Pocket Music as i also tried the music software built into the gameboy camera and that sounded nice and clean. In the past i’ve also used Imageline’s Edison to remove noise from signals like this.

The software is Pocket Music. I created this track ‘Z80’ years ago but i still realy like it. Pocket Music is nice and simple to use but can still produce some cool sounds. Its also available on the GBA but i wouldn’t recommend that version as it sounds horrid.

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