Hacked Gakken 150 controller

Looks like a great mod for the SX-150.

Via Matrixsynth.

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  1. The controller is more expensive than the synth!
    There is an input line to the Gakken 150 but its virtually useless as is. Some sort of hardware mod that allows you to send a signal through this input and modify it with the synth would be goos but I havent found one yet.


  2. @Sigmund

    I connected a Thingamagoop in the input line of my Gakken, so the Thingamagoop light cells changes the pitch on the Gakken. It was fun, but not that useful :). I have yet to find something else to plug in there, maybe a guitar?


  3. Sometimes it is difficult to find a place for combinations of devices that feel like fun to play with and interesting but aren't necessarily something you want to put into a track or workflow.


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