This looks like a good musical sketchpad app. Here’s the description:

Designed by a songwriter, for songwriters.

Songcatcher is the perfect tool for songwriters. Its functions and useability are designed to allow songwriters, from novice to professional, to document and build on their ideas, whilst still in the moment of inspiration.

Songcatcher has two interfaces, Sketch mode and Project mode.
Sketch mode offers the main functionality in a fast, easy to understand interface, tailored to the inexperienced music interface user. In the style of a wizard, you are walked through the process with prompts, and can build on your ideas within seconds.
Project Mode offers the full functionality of Songcatcher. Its layout is in the style of conventional music software, with all of the controls easily accessible and functional.


  • 10 layers of recording, including both Audio and MIDI.
  • Audio to MIDI conversion, allowing the user to sing ideas and have instruments play them back. You can create your band with your voice.
  • Resizable Piano Keyboard to play instruments.
  • Instruments include: Piano, Electric Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Distorted Guitar, Synth, Organ, Strings and Horns.
  • MIDI editor to edit performance.
  • Mixing functionality.
  • Ability to bounce mixes and re-import, hence allowing unlimited tracks.
  • Tempo track with optional click.
  • Ability to export mixes in various formats.

The app is priced at $7.99

SongCatcher - John Vella Music Clip to Evernote


  1. Odd release timing. Some not very happy folks that bought it, then found out they had to do an in-app purchase to get the full meal. But now the developer is selling a “demo” for $1.99 with the promise of the full version soon. What??!! Anyway, the demo vids on their website look promising, even as a multi-track audio recorder. Might turn out to be good, but I'm gonna wait on the sideline and read more reviews first.

  2. Hey, I'm the designer of Songcatcher. Just thought i'd jump in to clarify the upgrade/pricing issue. Unfortunately the lite version was uploaded as the full version for our intital release, which was a mistake. All I could do was drop the price while the full version was being approved by Apple. It is now updated and back at the original price. The lite version will be released at a later date. Thanks,


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