Moon released by Jason Sposa

Another release from Jason Sposa / Falling for a Square. I’m looking forward to giving this a good listen very soon. Here’s what Jason has to say about the release from his blog:

MOON is a concept EP loosely based on the 2009 Duncan Jones script MOON. I personally just fell in love with the idea of a man (clone) spending years on the moon, while the whole time his world was a lie. I believe I took a little different spin on the idea, and I am quite happy with this dark image I have captured.

Moon is compiled of eight songs all of them composed with NANOLOOP (for iPhone).

In addition, Glocken Jr, Manetron, SV-5 Vocoder, PiezoPop, WS 101, Pocket Organ, Sound Squares + a little Casio SK-1 were all used in the recording of this record.


DOCTOR POPULAR – collaborating music on the track “Trans Oceanic Lullaby”
Please find out more great things about him at

VIVIAN KIM – background vocals on “Blast Off” + lead vocals on “Where Your Heart Lives”
More music from Vivian can be found at THEDUALIES official

You can hear all the tracks here. Clip to Evernote


  1. Yeah thanks for (I presume) spoiling the plot of a film I was really looking forward to watching soon!

    (Not you directly, but still…)


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