MIDIGrid Arrives

A new MIDI controller app has arrived. Here are the details:

MIDIPad is a programmeable button matrix that allows the user to send MIDI Note on messages, Controller Code messages, Program Change messages, or NRPN messages via WIFi to the host computer, which must have the free DSMidiWifi app installed upon it. Virtually everything in MIDIPad is user programmeable – pad colour, text size and shade, number of pads, pad function, all MIDI parameters. The possibilities of this app are virtually unlimited!

MIDIGrid is priced at $3.99.


http://static.evernote.com/noteit.js Clip to Evernote


  1. I do not get it. How does it differ from app few years back iTouchMIDI. The development ended because Apple WiFi support and reliability was just so bad. I use these iTM apps still and see no reason why I should get this one.


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