11 comments on “Monle is currently free!”

Monle is currently free!

Monle, the awesome non-linear editor for the iPhone is currently free, so if you’ve never checked it out then now would be a good time to give it a try.

Monle - Ochen K.

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1 comment on “Hexaphone is free”

Hexaphone is free

Hexaphone is free at the moment until the 31st, so if you haven’t already got it, get it!

Hexaphone - iOS Keyboard - Impresario Digital

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More details on Wiresq

I posted the video on this yesterday but thought you might like to have the ‘official’ app description too. So here it is:

Wiresq is a turing complete sequencer for generating musical phrases. It uses wireworld, a cellular automata that allows for the construction of digital logic circuits to generate audio triggers. You can construct logic gates, memory circuits, calculators and more. You may be familiar with similar applications that use the game of life, but in this CA is much easier to construct stable repeating patterns and logic gates.

It also includes a simple synthesizer with an agressive filter. Enough to sketch out your ideas, but not too much to get bogged down in.

made with openframeworks in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.


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A few signals on the SMR-4 board

You may be interested in seeing these.

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0 comments on “Pierre’s thoughts on the SynthStation 25”

Pierre’s thoughts on the SynthStation 25

I read through Pierre’s post to find that his views were actually very similar to my own. The hardware has loads of possibilities, but to realise those it will need to be taken on by a lot more app developers.

Time will tell. Read Pierre’s thought’s here.

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3 comments on “AmpliTube 2 for iPhone”

AmpliTube 2 for iPhone

I posted a video on the new 2.0 version of Amplitube yesterday, but thought I’d give you the full details here as well. I especially like the recording interface, but then stuff with tape / cassettes just appeals to me!

  • 5 new stomp effects available as in-app purchase
  • Improved sound with DSP parts derived from AmpliTube and T-RackS for Mac/PC Apps (www.amplitube.com, www.t-racks.com)
  • Built-in recorder with re-amping
  • Multitrack recorder with 4 tracks and master FX section with 3 effects available as in app purchase
  • Export your recordings and mixes as high quality audio files or send them by email as MP3s
  • Import songs as backing tracks directly from your iPod library on your device or your computer using file sharing or Wi-Fi
  • Speedtrainer for slow down/speed up imported songs without affecting the pitch
  • Up to 50 songs can now be imported
  • New preset naming feature


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0 comments on “MiniDrum Pro 1.1 arrives”

MiniDrum Pro 1.1 arrives

A great update from Yonac to their iPad drum app. Here’s what’s new:

  • Completely new Bundle Editor module:
  • Now allows (under the “My Samples” subscreen) user to put samples and audio clips in the new “mySamples” directory, and use them to create new bundles
  • New “Mixer” subscreen in the Bundle Editor: user can globally change the parameters (Velocity, Pitch, etc) of each pad individually
  • New “Save As” command in the Bundle Editor
  • Introduces Audio Copy Paste, with commands accessible under “My Audio Files” and “My Samples” in the File Manager. Audio Copy Paste is compatible with the majority of third party audio apps, as well as miniSynth PRO.
  • Can now upload files to any documents directory via Wi-Fi File Transfer
  • Further improvements to app performance and resource management


iPads at the Apple Store

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2 comments on “MIDIGrid Arrives”

MIDIGrid Arrives

A new MIDI controller app has arrived. Here are the details:

MIDIPad is a programmeable button matrix that allows the user to send MIDI Note on messages, Controller Code messages, Program Change messages, or NRPN messages via WIFi to the host computer, which must have the free DSMidiWifi app installed upon it. Virtually everything in MIDIPad is user programmeable – pad colour, text size and shade, number of pads, pad function, all MIDI parameters. The possibilities of this app are virtually unlimited!

MIDIGrid is priced at $3.99.


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0 comments on “Just iPhone Art on myPantone”

Just iPhone Art on myPantone

Good to see someone mention this app which I’ve been using for a while now. I especially love the feature that lets you select a palette from a photo.

Via Just iPhone Art.


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3 comments on “The Nokia N8 – It’s not the technology, it’s what you do with it”

The Nokia N8 – It’s not the technology, it’s what you do with it

Found this over at Make who took the perspective that it is good to see a company like Nokia focus on users modding their devices. Not sure what sort of marketing strategy that is, but interesting ad nevertheless.

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