miniSynth Pro update

A great addition to miniSynth Pro:

Incorporated “Audio Copy/Paste” functionality, accessible via the copy and paste buttons in the “Recording” area. The Audio Copy/Paste is compatible with a large number of third party DAWs and musical apps. For pasting into miniSynth PRO, the officially supported formats are WAV (native), CAF, AIFF and PCM. However, compressed formats such as MP3 and AAC are also known to work.


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  1. Nice to have copy/paste on this app, it can bust out some incredible sounds, BUT WHY CANT EVERYONE PUT A DAMN COUNT IN TO RECORD?

    This would make using what is recorded in other apps infinitely more usable.

    AND another thing any app that records should have the transport controls available in ALL screens…who's with me?

  2. Third!

    NLOG synth pro on iPad will wait for the first note to actually start recording, I think. The click track will play as a sort of count in, as well.

    What really irks me about Mini Synth Pro aside from it's half-assed recording implementation, it the way you access the pages of controls.

    Why do we need to show and hide that menu, and yet have constant access to alter the size of the keys instead? It makes no sense and is a horrible GUI for a synthesizer. I mean, the size of the keys is “set and forget” yet i have to spring that pop-out menu every time to switch between OSC and Filter controls, etc.

    Who's with me? šŸ™‚

  3. Second, again, it does sound nice tho. I can't justify buying nlog pro while I already have this and nanostudio's eden. Haven't tried the whole copy/paste process with this one so I don't know it's usefulness yet but it is very tough for me trying to navigate thru pages w/ fluidity. Glad they finally added this regardless of it's awkward implementation. Maybe there's still hope for the ielectribe…

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