iDOS made it into the store and out again pretty quick

Whilst I probably would have got this if it weren’t for the fact that I’d missed it already it’s rapid removal says just one thing to me.

Apple aren’t ready for any kind of emulator on iOS. That’s bad news for Einstein (the newton emulator) and for Styletap, which is a real shame.

Never mind. Clip to Evernote


  1. Its not about Apple not being ready, its about them not wanting consumers to decide what they can do with the expensive devices they own.

    I hope these guys will put their app to Cydia.


  2. It's not about Apple not being ready _nor_ is it about them not wanting customers to decide their iDevice's fate

    It a case of copyright; MS-DOS is owned by Microsoft which that app violates and Apple do not want more lawsuits

    Who _really_ owns the copyright to DOS, who can say? Some say that DOS was found in the Ark of the Covenant written on stone tablets and now resides in a top secret bunker (next to the WaterEngine and alien spacecraft)


  3. @Anonymous

    If its a case of copyright, then why Microsoft never sued the DosBox devs which has been available for years?


  4. Dosbox does is not MS-DOS. Neither are the other DOS clones like PC DOS, DR-DOS, FreeDOS. The reason why iDOS was removed from appstore was because it has a way gain access to iphone's internal file system – the iphone's root directory can simply be mounted as another disk drive (it allows read-only access though, but that is enough to break the Apple's rules). Kind of cool peek into the internals though šŸ™‚


  5. @Anonymous :

    So in the end its about Apple not wanting consumers to decide what they can do with the expensive devices they own, even if its a simple thing like looking at the files..


  6. Enjoy your Android, johnnyg0…

    Anyone who regularly reads comments on Palm Sounds already knows of your irrational anger/bias against Apple and their superior platform.


  7. @Anonymous

    I do enjoy my Android, I don't know why you believe its some sort of insult to say that. Are you insecure?

    Yes I'm biased, against idiocy, coming from anyone, not just from Apple. I do own a few of their devices, and I'm not lying to myself when it comes to their idiotic restriction like no access to the file system.

    So since you have nothing more to bring to the table but fanboy talk, you won't mind if I call you one? I can also go on how you don't even have the balls to put a name next to your fanboy talk? I'd be ashamed too if my arguments were as null as yours.

    “Apple and their superior platform.”

    That is the kind rational unbiased comment I expect from an anonymous coward.


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