LED Spectrum Analysis FREE

A free spectrum analysis app for your iDevice. LED Audio Spectrum emulates a classic spectrum analyzer device. The app uses the iPhone’s microphone* to visualize music through colorful 2D graphics that bounce to the beat!

Feature Highlights:

  • High resolution color display with 24 LED arrays
  • High speed sampling for fluid, real-time graphics
  • Different color themes and display modes to choose from
  • Microphone sensitivity level control

LED Audio is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. External microphone is required for older iPod touch models.

NOTE: This is the ad-supported free version of LED Audio Spectrum. The ad-free version is also available on the App Store!

* The app can visualize audio from built-in microphone or an external audio source. It can not access iPod music directly as this is not technically possible at present.


AUFX:PeakQ update brings real time FFT spectrum analyser and more

Here’s what’s new in AUFX:PeakQ: Real-time FFT spectrum analyzer Input selection: Left/Right/Stereo Raise maximum Q value to 20.0 Improve input/output level meters Display main level slider value in dB Minor user interface layout tweaks Fix occasional scrolling bug on iPhone Check microphone permission on iOS7 in case user accidentally turned it off http://aos-creative.prf.hn/creative/camref:ijvr/creativeref:302434/special:rotate

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