Did I miss something? I thought that the whole point of HP buying Palm was for webOS so they could deploy it into multiple devices?

So why did they launch a Windows tablet PC? Did I get something wrong?

I’m confused as to why they did that.

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  1. ^^ it runs _absolutely_ fine on 1.6GHz 1GB RAM netbooks of which i have several (and trust me, i do not regularly jump to defend M$!)

  2. So you wonder if the next Nook will be good for music, yet you can't see the potential in the HP Slate? Its for business needs, ie professional needs. Its made for people who needs to handle documents, not simple apps.

    They will release a Web OS version surely in the next year, you can wait for that one to play with music software if you want to (but there isn't much WebOS music applications, like you mentionned in the past).

    Personnally, I prefer being able to use Cubase or Live on that one and not be restricted to what software or devices I can use with that thing. Before buying one thought I would compare the specs with other convertible tablet (but the Wacom digitizer is very interesting here).

    This tablet is not the first of its kind (check out Motion Computing, Tablet Kiosk, Eurocom, they've been doing them for years if not decades), but its price is really affordable, the 64gb ipad is only 100$ less, but has only 256mb RAM compared to 2G, and has no expansion ports or usb, nor cameras.

    @Hannes : you seems to have a lot of experience about that, tell us more and convice me why my low spec device runs it fine? Maybe you didn't configured it right?

  3. This is the corporate/business version of the tablet that has always been planned. The web os tablet is also on its way, but this is the way it's been layed out for months now.


  4. hp slate's active digitizer (wacom) makes me hr0ny.. but i ordered an exo-pc because it looks a lot nicer overall.

  5. “^^ it runs _absolutely_ fine on 1.6GHz 1GB RAM netbooks of which i have several (and trust me, i do not regularly jump to defend M$!)”

    …until you incorporate the whole touch overlay, then try to run something besides MS Word or a browser on it.

    Tell me, how does that netbook run Ableton or Pro Tools?

  6. Well I just had an eeepc 1000-and-something here for the last month (my father bought one and I had to set it all up for him). It came with windows7 starter on it. I played around with it for some time and my impression was: slow as molasses! startup time was really bad, applications where slow and unresponsive. What I did to solve this was to format the HD, install ubuntu netbook remix, and now the device really is usable, I'd say it's actually pretty fast for the specs.
    So that's why I don't see windows7 as a good choice for such hardware, it works fine on a desktop or on a laptop (I have it on both and am really happy with it) but not on the lower end of the hardware spectrum. That's where other OSs have an advantage.
    But of course as we all know, Linux is not really a great choice if you want to make music… except if you really work with the kind of software it offers (like if you are totally into PD or csound) or if you're a Renoise/tracker kind of musician. Well actually a touch device like that could be really nice with Ubuntu studio and Renoise… but I'm not sure Ubuntu's multi-touch is ready yet…

  7. Linux is good for audio too. All you need are basic tools.


    Also the EEE pcs came with the 2 types of CPUs. One is the older intel celeron M, which would run win7 not very well. And the other is the intel Atom chips which run win7 decently.

    I had the eee pc701 with the celeron CPU. I loaded up winxp and had no problems running Ableton or Reason. Fruity Loops struggled on it.

    People were making great music on computers from 25 years ago. Use the tools you got people!!!

  8. Same reason Palm purchased BeOS, or Gibson purchased Oberheim and Opcode or Microsoft purchased Danger… mismanagement of corporate acquisitions by clueless executives.

    Companies make mistakes… however often rather than opening up whatever was acquired in error to the public they keep them in a “portfolio” until the copyrights/trademarks run out on them or they have a use for them (even if in name only).

    In the case of Gibson, I think the guy who runs it is a moron but he's a moron who runs a company that is highly profitable despite him… so until that fact changes we are stuck with the douche.

  9. Last thing about netbooks that people usualy don't take into consideration is what type of hard drive is in it. A SSD drive will make a big difference when it comes to “speed perception”. Just somethin to think about when you're debating netbooks.

  10. @ fromal, really good point, I started my music making on zx spectrum 48k although it was as good as useless, i had it sync to midi synths 24 years back and the opperutniys were there if you used a little imagination, moving through to amigas and trackers and finally iMacs and iPad, some of the best apps are so simple, low fi and one trick ponies, putting that together will enable some great tunes, using something simple, we don't need protools to make great music just great ideas, they will work on any device iPhone or powermac….

  11. Trust me I was upset to see the nook posted on this site over the HP. SMH on that! I thought people were more techie on here. Oh well. I know what it can do, I guess thats all that really matters.

  12. Oh and I run propellerhead Rebirth, and DAW's on my Linux enabled PlayStation 3. Imagine what you can run on that HP.

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