4 Tracks Audio Recorder update

A small update for this app, but good to see it still being update.


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  1. @Palm Sounds : off topic comment here, did you noticed HP released their Windows7 slate last week? Its powerful enough to run Cubase, Live or any other audio software (or even Photoshop), and its 800$. Some people say it costs too much, but its only 100$ than the 64gb ipad without 3G, but it has 2gigs of ram and its got a Wacom digitizer (you can use it with both fingers or stylus). You can also use any MIDI controller or external device.

    I was surprised there was no words of this here.

  2. @Beat :

    “Windows gets no Love? :)”

    Exactly, it looks like it doesn't get any love. Its a shame, the possibilities are endless..

    (access to the file system, share libraries of samples/data between different apps, chain different apps together, being able to record more than one track at once using external multitrack hardware, necessary for drums, a really precise digitizer, expandable storage, install hackintosh OSX if you really want to use OSX… I could go on…)

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