Jasuto Classic also updated

Missed this last night, classic also has had a good update.

  1. iOS 4.0 support.
  2. Native iPad support!
  3. Bluetooth headsets can now be used as an audio input. Dynamic detection of audio inputs also works now.
  4. The Bands node now saves the ‘bands’ parameter.
  5. Final output stage has be vastly improved, much tighter bass.
  6. DC remover tool in the Sampler.
  7. The Scale module’s modulation port now works.
  8. Odd sequencer loops now work.
  9. Unified all low-pass filters, improved sound quality as well.
  10. Fixed random browser interface bugs.
  11. There differences between Pro and Classic are now clearly defined, a lot the locked features are now available! Read the [DIFFERENCES FROM PRO] section above for details.


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