Akai SynthStation25 Unboxing Photos

Box front

Back of box

The SynthStation25 itself

The keyboard and instruction pack (of course I haven’t opened that bit)!

With the batteries

Power connector and button

Volume line out and phones socket

This little connector fits into the iPod dock connector in the SynthStation25 to keep it from getting dusty I guess.

More when I’ve had a play with it.

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  1. Where's the Midi out? Your photos didn't show a port on the back panel (I'm going to be hyper-critical since I opted out of my Synthstation recently and you got one…
    grumble,grumble, grumble…..)


  2. Hardware midi connections would of been a no brainer. Would def overlook the midi if it was more compact. We'll see. I guess SS ain't made to sequence with external gear only control, which is a shame. For 99.00 I Guess it's a good deal?


  3. Gee…I hope no news is good news regarding the Synthstation, as opposed to “if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all”.

    I'm waiting to get either the Synthstation 25 or the Midi Mobilizer and am interested in hearing your thoughts so I can make an informed decision.



  4. Hmm. I'm currently thinking about the Behringer UMA25S as an alternative to the Synthstation.

    Whilst it would definitely work with the Midi Mobilizer (which I don't have) I'm holding off to see if CoreMidi in iOS4.2 allows midi over USB via the camera connection kit.

    Still, very pleased you got yours and looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


  5. The Behringer UMA25S is a fantastic value for the money. I have one and the only complaint I have is that the velocity levels seem a bit shallow. It's easy to play loud or soft but not so easy to get something inbetween.

    Having said this, this is the keyboard I would hook up to the Midi Moblizer if I decide to get one. It's very solidly built, all the knobs feel very nice and it comes with lots of accessories as well.

    I highly recommend the Behringer UMA25S if you're interested in a budget keyboard controller that sends MIDI over USB or by MIDI ports.


  6. Thanks Pierre. Have you tried hooking up the UMA25S to an iPad over the camera connection kit to see if it works as a sound card? It claims to be class compliant i think.


  7. Hey Robman,

    I don't own an iPad (much to my distress). I just can't justify the price for an iPad at this point but hopefully as each successive version comes out, the original will come down in price.

    I use my Behringer with my PC as a controller. As I said, it's a wonderful value. I just wish the keyboard were a bit more responsive to velocity.



  8. @robman84

    It should work fine. I use a USB Behringer SC with my iPad. The only thing, you might need to use an external power source on the keyboard.


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