Akai SynthStation25 Unboxing Photos

Box front

Back of box

The SynthStation25 itself

The keyboard and instruction pack (of course I haven’t opened that bit)!

With the batteries

Power connector and button

Volume line out and phones socket

This little connector fits into the iPod dock connector in the SynthStation25 to keep it from getting dusty I guess.

More when I’ve had a play with it.

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Akai SynthStation25 does exist!

It isn’t vapourware. It is for real! More soon!

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Steve Jobs on the State of Apple and competitors

I thought that this was quite an interesting insight into how Apple / Steve Jobs thinks about their market and products.

Read the whole article at Mashable.

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DJ Mixer 3 update

Here’s what’s new:

  • New iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 optimized user interface and mixing screens
  • Nicer looking mixing interface on the iPhone 3 GS and older iPod Touches
  • Aut add album cover art, artist and track name from imported mp3s
  • Fix iPod importing screen issues


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Correction to Jasuto Classic update and pricing

My mistake on the last post on Jasuto Classic. Here’s the forum sticky that explains new pricing and differences between the two versions:

Admittedly in the past, the differences between the Classic and Pro versions weren’t as clear as they should have been. With the 1.3.0 update I’m hoping to solve this by making them nearly identical except for just a few key features.

Bellow is text from the Classic version’s description listing the differences, simply, the biggest difference is the Pro version runs natively on the iPad.


-you can’t create any of the FFT or OSC modules, however you can still load any scenes that use them.
-Sonoma’s Audio Copy/Paste is removed.
-no native iPad support, which means low-res graphics and less screen real-estate on iPads.

This virtually upgrades all current Classic users to the Pro version (or a lot closer than before), and all current Pro user to a Universal version 🙂

The new pricing with be:

$5 for Classic
$10 for Pro


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Moog Filtatron + Korg Microx

Via MusicApps.com.br


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Jasuto Classic also updated

Missed this last night, classic also has had a good update.

  1. iOS 4.0 support.
  2. Native iPad support!
  3. Bluetooth headsets can now be used as an audio input. Dynamic detection of audio inputs also works now.
  4. The Bands node now saves the ‘bands’ parameter.
  5. Final output stage has be vastly improved, much tighter bass.
  6. DC remover tool in the Sampler.
  7. The Scale module’s modulation port now works.
  8. Odd sequencer loops now work.
  9. Unified all low-pass filters, improved sound quality as well.
  10. Fixed random browser interface bugs.
  11. There differences between Pro and Classic are now clearly defined, a lot the locked features are now available! Read the [DIFFERENCES FROM PRO] section above for details.


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OSX 10.7 to adopt some iOS interface elements

AppleInsider has this story about the possibilities of OSX 10.7 adopting elements of iOS as part of Apple’s alleged plan to start to bring the two operating systems together.

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More on Android fragmentation

An anonymous commenter put in this link to the original Tweetdeck blog post about their Android development.

There’s a couple of very interesting charts on Android.

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RJDJ posts about the NSP BreakOut interface that I’ve been posting on recently and how you can use it with RJDJ.

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