iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote


  1. MOOG Filtatron doesn't work with Belkin Tune Talk for 3Gs or USB Audio interfaces for the iPad. It only accepts a line in from the headphone jack.

  2. Just got it! Works fine with my DIY input jack, and I must say it's a pretty nice app. Sure it's not the hardware, but it still sounds great for an iPhone app… and to be sincere, the iPhone gives it that kind of lo-fi feeling… you know with all the noise and the not so great converters…
    Nice plusses are the delay (sounds great!) the tap tempo, the realtime xy controls… all in all quite a feature rich app for the price (which I had expected to be a lot higher coming from Moog).

    It's the first effect tool on the iPhone I buy and that kind of really makes sense!

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