Moog Filtatron on iPad Demo


iPads at the Apple Store Clip to Evernote


  1. MOOG Filtatron doesn't work with Belkin Tune Talk for 3Gs or USB Audio interfaces for the iPad. It only accepts a line in from the headphone jack.


  2. Just got it! Works fine with my DIY input jack, and I must say it's a pretty nice app. Sure it's not the hardware, but it still sounds great for an iPhone app… and to be sincere, the iPhone gives it that kind of lo-fi feeling… you know with all the noise and the not so great converters…
    Nice plusses are the delay (sounds great!) the tap tempo, the realtime xy controls… all in all quite a feature rich app for the price (which I had expected to be a lot higher coming from Moog).

    It's the first effect tool on the iPhone I buy and that kind of really makes sense!


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