Not sure how interesting this is to you but I thought I’d post it anyway. This is my vocal recording set up with my iPhone 3G running Multitrack DAW and Blue Mikey. It worked really well like that. Clip to Evernote


  1. That tripod mount is sweet! Add a NSP Break Out pedal and a copy/paste capable drum app and it's everything I'd ever need to record.

    David, without a doubt YES the Mikey destroys the iPhone/iPad mic. The difference is night and day and in my opinion if your a musician with an iDevice it's as essential as headphones.

    I recorded some video of the Flaming Lips New Years Eve performance with it and without it and the audio without it was garbled mush and pretty much overloaded mic noise but the audio from the Mikey was not only just clear but captured a surprsing amount of low end bass frequencies.

    My only complaint (and they've corrected it on the new model) is that on an iPod touch the headphone jack is covered making it impossible to use headphones with the mikey on a 2nd gen iPod touch which was a pretty MAJOR design flaw.

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