Can you use the MIDI mobilizer with a USB keyboard?

I got an email from Sean who asks a very good question. How can you use a Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer with a keyboard that only has USB out?

U had a brief look around the internet for an adapter, and whilst there are loads of USB to MIDI cables they all end in a MIDI plug which isn’t going to be much use with the mobilizer.

So, anyone know of any solutions? Clip to Evernote


  1. The first beta of iOS 4.2 adds support for the CoreMIDI framework to the operating system's application program interfaces. This could suggest that future applications would allow new avenues for musical creation, and could also allow physical MIDI instruments connectors.

    MIDI, or Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is an industry standard that allows electronic music machines to synchronize and communicate. With an adapter, a device like an iPhone could theoretically create and record sounds from a MIDI instrument.

    No more expensive gadgets like the one from Line 6… 😉

  2. Let's hope so….. Does that mean you could plug a USB keyboard stright into the iPad, or would you need an interface!

    Or perhaps it's a hint that the next iPad will feature a proper USB port, that would make me sick with jealousy…..

  3. I can't see Apple putting in a real USB port. I think they'll stick with their own connector, but it would be great to be able to use a USB MIDI keyboard into it.

  4. It'd be nice to know what USB devices will actually work with the camera connect kit on the iPad. I've plugged an mbox2, an ultra rack 8r (with ac power on) and a Blue Snowball and the snowball was the only one that worked but that was still a pleasant surprise.

    If the Blue Icicle or the Shure XLR to USB adapter would work wouldn't a high end mic pre emulator app be a possibility?

  5. i don't get why apple didn't just release a universal USB adapter for all iDevices a while ago???!… i mean it only seems logical: connect your iDeveice to anything usb! that would make app store explode with new possibilities!

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