All Things Korg DS-10 on the DS-10 Tool

Handy for DS-10 users out there. More over at the All Things Korg DS-10 blog. Clip to Evernote


  1. I got pretty excited over this but alas …. PC only and I'm a Mac gal 🙁 I could have put my ROM card to good use.
    I do have a couple of old Windows laptops growing cobwebs in the basement that I've used only for apps that I couldn't get Mac software for but I hate the thought of adding anything more to my computer/music desk … yikes …. it's pretty crowded. Love my toys 🙂

  2. Thanks johnnyg0 but I keep avoiding the virtual OS software for my mac.

    michael nervous …. thanks for the mac java but I'm pretty lame and when I try to import I can't even see my kart so I dragged the korg.sav file onto my desktop and it's grayed out unless I switch to “all files” but then I get a load error, “korg.sav File is too large. Expected 12288 bytes”. I filled out the registration on the korg forum but I haven't received confirmation yet so I'm posting here and feeling bad about that, especially because I'm probably being really stupid 🙂 Thanks anyway!

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