What’s the most you’d pay for a mobile application?

And why would you be prepared to pay that much? Would you class iPhone apps and iPad apps differently when you think about your max price? And what about Android apps?

Interest to hear your views.

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  1. Depends. if it had Midi, or proper (professional) audio in-out through an external interface I would go as high as 20 €. Otherwise 5 is the limit, since the use of most apps is just musical toys to play around, and that does not justify the investment…

  2. That's a very hard question to answer because the amount of money I pay for any app or software is related to it's usefulness (how much I need or would use the app), the depth of the app, the quality, it's learning curve or ease of use, content or features, reliability and how much I want it or “wow” factor. I've been using Photoshop since 1992 and I think I paid around $700 for it, add to that the many costs of upgrades & plugins and I've probably got close to $2,000 into it …. that's a lot of money but it's an awesome app and I use it almost everyday. So …. I can say that I would save up and pay whatever the cost for any app that I really really want if it meets the above criteria as long as it's not more than $50 😉

  3. Marlene,s answer sums up a lot of my thoughts, I,ve paid a lot of money on able ton upgrades since v2, as well as suite and max for live, but I use able ton everyday, it's indispensable for me.

    Still at a certain point the capabilities of the device limit how much you can do with the apps thus limit how much 1 can charge ie 1 1/8'' out and no standard audio in without a cable or interface, limited file system access etc. So far my highest has been 20$ I think, I,ve passed on Aurora HD for this reason, even though I use the regular version a lot. Great topic!

  4. I still believe in 'try before you buy'. I've bought quite a few cheaper apps right away, but whenever an app is +6,- I look for a way to try it before I buy it. when I first got my iPad I made exceptions for iSequence and Electrify. (both € 12,-)
    I use iElectribe a lot, and I'm absolutely willing to buy it, but I think it's too expensive. and I've heard that they cut the price every now & then. next time that happens I'll probably get the message via Twitter. I'm definitely willing to pay €10,- for it. but not 16,-.
    interesting topic!

  5. I get to excited, I just buy them and after I download I then realize what I have done. I have more apps than I need, but have tried to make use of them. Most I paid was 30 for slingbox ( not music but) and I do use it all the time.

  6. I agree; it depends. If the apps composed some great songs, created all the parts, mixed it all down, mastered it, published it on all social media networks, promoted it, created an e-commerce site to sell downloads, and resulted in a hit album more successful than “In Rainbows” ….. I would pay $12.

  7. I think I would go to $50 as well, but it would have to be amazing. Normally I'm happy with around $5 – $20, but then I have spent big on some apps which have been a massive let down.

  8. Nice question and the answer depends totally about app and there is hard to think that there is any “limit” how much I would pay in the future. Of course at this moment maybe it is 40EUR or something, BUT if apps are going more better and better then the price that I could use will be higher surely.

    At this moment I am very interested about Midi Mobilizer. I do not have it yet, but I think some day I will buy that IF there will be great apps that will support it.

    Because I am mainly a keyboardist, I'd like to see many good sequencers (well, of course even 1 super great will, but there is good to have competition ;). Also, I wish that there would some day be apps like Piano Pro which will allow me to use very high quality samples from iPad, but different sounds too. I mean, possibility to add choirs with great quality, synth strings and so on. And the possibility to create keyboard splits and velocity splits with iPad app and MIDI Mobilizer would be great.

    If that kind of apps will be in the App Store and if they have great quality samples and possibility to add more own samples, I might pay even more. So, sky's the limit maybe? 😉

  9. After investing £9 in nanostudio I am far more willing to consider more expensive apps, for this was possibly the best £9 I have ever spent. Nanostudio works with the midi mobilizer too 🙂

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