Every now and then I check the Intua forums for what’s going on with BM2. Here’s some information I thought you might be interested in:


  1. what is the resolution of the sequencer ?
  2. Bm 2 have non destructive chop ?
  3. Can i use a fiter/fx on each pad ?
  4. recordable track mute on the fly ?
  5. audio tracks ?
  6. Undo/redo ?
  7. Tap tempo ?
  8. Resample mode ?
  9. erase note on the fly ?
  10. 16 level like mpc’s ?


  1. The sequencer is running at 96 PPQN, which mean you can edit your pattern notes and automations up to a 1/96 resolution.
  2. Yes, the chop lab will create new a new sample for each slice, leaving the original file intact. A LP/HP filter can be added per pad. Also, you can route each pad either to the instrument bus or to a dedicated FX bus.
  3. You can create any FX bus you want, each of them having 3 chained effects, chosen from 10 different units.
  4. Mute is not automatizable but the track volume is.
  5. Not yet !
  6. Yes, in the wave, song and pattern editors. While recording you can undo the whole last take, or just the last input.
  7. Yes.
  8. Yes, you can bounce tracks and loop regions.
  9. Yes, while recording, the erase mode enables you to delete the pressed notes.
  10. Yes, as in BeatMaker 1, there are 16 levels such as velocity, tune, and we might add filter cutoff and resonance.

I especially like the answer to question 5 ‘Not Yet’. That sounds promising!

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  1. Actually with as much time as this is taking, I think number 5 should have been a yes. I don't see anything in those answers that justifies what's been taking so long.

  2. I think that was something that Yudo also promised with their 8 track app, although from a different angle as they said that they would add synths and drum machines to their 8 track. Never happened though.

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