2 comments on “Playing with Xewton Music Studio and MIDI Mobilizer”

Playing with Xewton Music Studio and MIDI Mobilizer

I thought I’d spend some time with the new version of Xewton Music Studio today on my iPad and try it with my Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer, and I have been really impressed. Adding the mobilizer to Xewton gives it a whole new lease of life and turns into a really great sequencer app.

I’ve been using an old M-Audio KeyRig 25 controller with the Line 6 hardware which works fine although 25 keys can be limiting at times.

Having said that, using it with Xewton is great. Just being able to play stuff into the app without having to use an on screen keyboard is fantastic and I’m really enjoying playing rather than just sequencing.

When Xewton first came out a lot of people likened it to Garageband on the iPhone, and in many ways it has similarities.

I think what’s helped me to enjoy this so much is the fact that I’ve been going over a lot of my old 4 track tapes in the last few days and remembering what it was like to have to play virtually everything into a machine and get it right. Sure, with Xewton you can go back and edit everything you want to, but it still has more of a linear feel to it and that’s quite a lot of fun after sequencing for so long.

I think I’m going to have to brush up my keyboard skills again though.

If you haven’t tried Xewton there is a lite version too which is universal as well. Worth checking out.


iPads at the Apple Store

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1 comment on “Mike Campese Shredding in Hawaii with AmpliTube iRig”

Mike Campese Shredding in Hawaii with AmpliTube iRig

I couldn’t actually see the iRig in the video, but pretty impressive shredding nonetheless.


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0 comments on “tehloft AmpKit LiNK Review Demo”

tehloft AmpKit LiNK Review Demo

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0 comments on “KORG KAOSSILATOR PRO Returns 002 :Improvisation”

KORG KAOSSILATOR PRO Returns 002 :Improvisation

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0 comments on “Korg DS-10 Track 57”

Korg DS-10 Track 57

Via Home of the DS-10.

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0 comments on “Another PT-8 Ponoko layout”

Another PT-8 Ponoko layout

Every time I see a Shruthi-1 I want to get one, but then realise it would sit there and I’d never get around to making it, so I’ll satisfy myself with looking at pictures like these instead.

More at Mutable Instruments.

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2 comments on “A few more details on BM2”

A few more details on BM2

Every now and then I check the Intua forums for what’s going on with BM2. Here’s some information I thought you might be interested in:


  1. what is the resolution of the sequencer ?
  2. Bm 2 have non destructive chop ?
  3. Can i use a fiter/fx on each pad ?
  4. recordable track mute on the fly ?
  5. audio tracks ?
  6. Undo/redo ?
  7. Tap tempo ?
  8. Resample mode ?
  9. erase note on the fly ?
  10. 16 level like mpc’s ?


  1. The sequencer is running at 96 PPQN, which mean you can edit your pattern notes and automations up to a 1/96 resolution.
  2. Yes, the chop lab will create new a new sample for each slice, leaving the original file intact. A LP/HP filter can be added per pad. Also, you can route each pad either to the instrument bus or to a dedicated FX bus.
  3. You can create any FX bus you want, each of them having 3 chained effects, chosen from 10 different units.
  4. Mute is not automatizable but the track volume is.
  5. Not yet !
  6. Yes, in the wave, song and pattern editors. While recording you can undo the whole last take, or just the last input.
  7. Yes.
  8. Yes, you can bounce tracks and loop regions.
  9. Yes, while recording, the erase mode enables you to delete the pressed notes.
  10. Yes, as in BeatMaker 1, there are 16 levels such as velocity, tune, and we might add filter cutoff and resonance.

I especially like the answer to question 5 ‘Not Yet’. That sounds promising!

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0 comments on “More rumours in the run up to ‘Back to Mac’”

More rumours in the run up to ‘Back to Mac’

As you’d expect there’s lots of rumours surfacing about what we might see on the 20th from Apple.

From an 11″ MacBook Air to a new 13.3″ Air. A new Air with a removal SSD drive, and the list goes on and on.

I’m still hoping for a new iLife with iOS support especially for iWeb which I think would be cool.

What are your predictions?

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10 comments on “What’s the most you’d pay for a mobile application?”

What’s the most you’d pay for a mobile application?

And why would you be prepared to pay that much? Would you class iPhone apps and iPad apps differently when you think about your max price? And what about Android apps?

Interest to hear your views.

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0 comments on “Arduino at the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival”

Arduino at the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival

This sounds like a great event to be at if you’re expecting to be around Barcellona at the beginning of November.

Details at the Arduino blog.

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