Sample Toy with NSP iPhone audio interface

Sample Toy with NSP iPhone audio interface from New Signal Process on Vimeo. Clip to Evernote


  1. They want 100 Bucks for that? I mean, it's probably just a bunch of cables and potentiometer inside a plastic project box, or is there something really special about it I don't get?

  2. No trust me man…ive dabbled in this stuff myself and theres more to it than that…If you're gonna use any type of iDevice live (through a guitar rig especially which is what I want one for) this would be $100 well spent. And I'm pretty sure it's hard wired/true bypass and in a solid metal enclosure. Plus the support has been top notch with all the questions Ive asked and they seem like they have a passion about making/manipulating/using electronics to create music.

    If you're wanting a fancy way to plug in your ipod at home then it'd be a waste of a $100 but if you want the best possible way to integrate your iPod pad or whatever into your guitar/bass (or whatever) rig then this is a quality product at a fair price.

    However, I AM a musician and an extra $100 is like seeing 2 lesbian unicorns so maybe they'll see my post telling you how super amazing they are and wanna send one my way…probably not… but seriously they're worth it man.

  3. I believe you, and being a maker myself I usually am willing to spend more on a handmade device (made with passion) than on some standard industrial stuff. What made me suspicious is the fact that the device just plugs into the headphone-mic combo plug on the iphone… So basically it looks like they had just added some resistance to make the input signal play well with the iphone and added aknob for fine tuning… But this is just a first assuption

  4. I've been in touch with these guys and they are really passionate about what they're doing. I hope to be able to test one of the units in the not too distant future and let you know what I think.

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