Radar Beats HD review

I’ve been using a couple of the Radar Beats apps for a little while now, and they are growing on me. Why? Well mainly because I really like interesting interfaces which allow you to something interesting with drums and drum sounds.

Radar Beats gives you the ability to create drum patterns in a very non-standard way. No grid to populate, nothing even similar. Instead you place ‘radars’ on the screen that interact with drum sounds that drag into their path. You can put multiple radars on the screen that run at different speeds and add radars that create effects on individual drum sounds. Radars for filters and pitch delay and a variety of others.

Using all these different radars can build up a quite unique drum pattern and alter the drum sounds that come with the app.

Radar beats is quite a tangent on other seemingly similar interface ideas. But it works in a way that I hadn’t thought of and one that makes me work with patterns in a different way.

I’ve found these apps a lot of fun to play with and I think I’ve lost more time than I intended using the apps.

They are certainly worth checking out if you’re into beat patterns and unique interfaces.


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  1. About the Iphone version (not Ipad but similar)

    I installed yesterday Radar Beats Pro and wanted to play with it immediately. It was late (very late) and by opening the app and seeing thousand turning lights, I thought it’s good idea waiting for next day’s after coffee. So next day. I like this app, although the sound quality is not as good as I thought and in some cases (depending of the sample and effect choosed) very bad ! (I compare with the sound provided by a Nlog or Thumbjam). But I love the app. Why ? Because even if some sounds are terrible when coming out of the app (while other sounds are good but not great), it’s possible to twist them enough to make an interesting track, with distortion and noise). The twisting sound possibilities are enormous, I think mathematically without an end, and the process is easy to do! In three minutes I had a track turning with beats that didn’t sound bad and sounded very new! The app is a visual pleasure, and expect some surprises : if you ask for help menu, the fonts will turn up or down depending of the inclination of the IpodTouch (I broke my Iphone) very smoothly. OK it’s a visual effect but it shows how much the people behind the app cared about it. Sometimes a smiley appear, looking angry or happy (or did I dream that?). Making a track is so easy it’s a pleasure working with this app. It is so intuitive. In short the sound must be better but I can forget it because it opens a new field of sound exploration and even with noise/distortion it becomes interesting, is an incredible little app that does a lot, is fun, and done with care. Marc Bestgen

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