Good round up on mobile music platforms

Some degree of self interest in posting this as I get a mention at the end. Nevertheless it is a good brief synopsis of the main platforms for mobile music making, and also an interesting blog on music making in the cloud. Clip to Evernote


  1. If Apple were savvy about their musician fan base, there would have been a “line-In” port on the iPhone by now, and on the iPad from day ONE.

  2. I dunno man, one thing i'd never say about Apple is that they're not savvy! Apart from that, I would say 95% of iPhone users wouldn't give a hoot about a line in – and nor should they – it is after all a phone first and foremost! Luckily for us however there are more savvy third parties developing audio interfaces that permit lines in.

  3. Its funny that my 3gs is a better music making device than my iP4.

    Its a phone thats advertised to do many things. “Theres an app for that”. huhh

  4. I said if they were savvy about their musician fan base.

    Truncating my statement robs it of its context.

    As Apple moves ever toward the streamlining process, they're losing the stranglehold they once had on the creative arts crowd. 15 years ago, Mac was the only serious choice for musicians and artists… Now, this market realizes they can do everything they want to on Win machine, save some $$$ and pick and choose their hardware components to boot.

  5. Good point Unflattered but if this technology moves into the cloud, as I think it will then its likely that the basic platform – be it Apple, Android or whatever becomes less of an issue.

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