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SynthStation Press Release

The recent update to Akai’s SynthStation app gave us retina display and support for the long awaited SynthStation25 hardware and it looks like the keyboard is getting closer.

Here’s the press release from Akai on the last update:

Cumberland, R.I. (Oct. 14, 2010) – Akai Professional, the name synonymous with music production, announces the immediate availability of SynthStation v1.2.1, the latest update to the music production app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. SynthStation v1.2.1 is now available for download on the iTunes App Store.

SynthStation transforms an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a portable music production studio. The app gives musicians three synthesizers, over 50 drum kits and a full mixing section with multiple effects to create loops and sequence entire songs. Musicians can record song performances to .WAV files and MIDI files of the performance, capturing all modulation, mixing and on-screen keyboard playing. Through a WIFI connection, the files can then be transferred to a computer for playback.

With the 1.2.1 update, SynthStation now provides complete support for Akai Professional’s SynthStation25 keyboard, the first ever music controller of its kind for iPhone and iPod Touch. This portable, 25-note mini-keyboard features a built-in dock for iPhone and iPod touch, and gives users two octaves of velocity-sensitive keys, pitch and modulation wheels, and physical buttons to control parameters within the SynthStation app. SynthStation25 also has a USB MIDI output that can be used to control any MIDI music software on a Mac or PC.

The SynthStation update provides compatibility with Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 4. Now all iPhone 4 users will be able to download and enjoy the SynthStation experience with multitasking and Retina display support. Furthermore, the SynthStation update utilizes the latest iOS to offer more stability, speed and overall performance enhancements. iPad users will appreciate the inclusion of crisp, high-res images designed specifically for the larger display as well.

“The SynthStation app transforms the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into a professional synthesizer workstation in a streamlined, all-in-one program,” said Adam Cohen, Director of Business Development, Akai Professional. “With the latest SynthStation update musicians can take full advantage of pristine image quality on their iPhone 4 or iPad, and iPhone and iPod touch users are ready to plug into SynthStation25 and enjoy music creation using a physical keyboard as well as their touchscreens.”

The SynthStation app is available now and can be purchased from the iTunes App Store for $9.99 US.


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Sample Toy with NSP iPhone audio interface

Sample Toy with NSP iPhone audio interface from New Signal Process on Vimeo.

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"Take Me Out" by Atomic Tom LIVE on NYC subway

Not sure what the drum app is, but there’s definitely iShred, Pianist, and Bassist I think.

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StudioLab Lite arrives

StudioLab arrived a little while back and now there’s a lite version. Enjoy your friday!


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Logic 9 with TouchOSC on iPad

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Radar Beats HD review

I’ve been using a couple of the Radar Beats apps for a little while now, and they are growing on me. Why? Well mainly because I really like interesting interfaces which allow you to something interesting with drums and drum sounds.

Radar Beats gives you the ability to create drum patterns in a very non-standard way. No grid to populate, nothing even similar. Instead you place ‘radars’ on the screen that interact with drum sounds that drag into their path. You can put multiple radars on the screen that run at different speeds and add radars that create effects on individual drum sounds. Radars for filters and pitch delay and a variety of others.

Using all these different radars can build up a quite unique drum pattern and alter the drum sounds that come with the app.

Radar beats is quite a tangent on other seemingly similar interface ideas. But it works in a way that I hadn’t thought of and one that makes me work with patterns in a different way.

I’ve found these apps a lot of fun to play with and I think I’ve lost more time than I intended using the apps.

They are certainly worth checking out if you’re into beat patterns and unique interfaces.


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Audio Sharing Links

This post by Moonbuz reminded me that I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Here are the links to up to date lists of apps that support sharing services.

Intua General Pasteboard
Sonoma AudioCopy/AudioPaste


Hope these are useful.

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DS Music Apps round up

I’m sure that I’ve posted this link before, but it is an excellent resource for music apps for the DS platform.

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Moonbuz with Nanoloop

What a great picture from Moonbuz.

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For TouchOSC users, Hexler posts on the new versions of Logic and how to connect them to connect TouchOSC to them.

Also details of an upcoming workshop in Berlin in November.

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