Serious Rock Guitar

I said that I was going to check out this app and let you know what I thought. so here we go.

I’ve always liked the idea of apps that help you to learn something, especially if it is learning something music related, so this app has appeal from the start. Serious Rock Guitar contains a series of videos of Brian Aspey showing guitar techniques, all of which are pretty good.

But this app isn’t for those who are starting to learn guitar. The techniques that Brian shows us are way too complex for beginners. My view is that this app is more geared towards fairly serious guitarists looking to develop their technique and also those on the hunt for new ideas.

In terms of the app itself it is very straightforward, but is well designed and the video works fine on my iPhone 4 with no glitches or stutters.

Having watched all the videos I know that I’ve got a long way to go with my guitar skills.

If you’re already an accomplished guitarist then I can see that this app, and apps like it could be a useful source for new ideas and for learning.

Serious Rock Guitar is priced at £1.79 / $2.99.

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  1. It is a decent app but could do with a few more demo videos.
    The same guy also produces three other teaching apps – but be aware that these do not work with the current iphone OS4.

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