m16 Arrived

A new MIDI player app for the iPhone and iPad arrives today. Here are the details:

m16 is MIDI player application that supports SMF (Standard MIDI File) for GM (General MIDI) specification.

SMF files can be shard by using iTunes’s file sharing function.
Also you can send SMF files by using m16’s WiFi uploader.

16 icons arranged in upper part of main screen show 16 MIDI channels.
Each channel is changed to the mute or the solo mode by tapping icons once or twice.
Moreover, during playback, performance information is displayed in the icon in piano roll / circle / MIDI analyzer mode.

In lower side of screen, there is 12 buttons in scrolled view.
They works for start / stop playback, changing key and tempo.

m16 supports background MIDI playback. (Supported device / OS version only)
So you can play your favorite musical instrument app together with the background tracks produced by m16 !


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