We’ve seen lots of activity in the iPhone audio interface market this year and I doubt that it is going to stop any time soon.

Interfaces have ranged from simple cables to dock based interfaces. New Signal Process, a Portland based company brings an interface that sits right in the middle. BreakOut is rugged and features level control and a bypass too.

Here’s the press release from New Signal Process (which I think is a really cool name too):

Now you can play through all the weird new digital app-sounds, from Japanese touch-screen noise synths and T-Pain to cool 8-bit distortions, and send them into your signal chain or Marshall.

The musicians, artists, hacks and tech gurus at New Signal Process have invented an audio recording and performance interface for the iPhone and iPad called the BreakOut, that literally breaks out the next myriad ramble of sonic/artistic possibilities.

Their hardware allows you to plug in a professional grade microphone, keyboard or guitar through your iPad or iPhone and send it out analog to an amp, di, or computer.

The same size as the iPhone, the BreakOut is housed in a rugged die-cast aluminum case and made with hifi components, a true bypass and level controls.

Whether your vision requires signal processing on stage, portable field recording or just a plethora of new effects in your home recording setup – you’re in luck – the BreakOut is designed to work with all the apps out there, giving you access to hundreds of effects, amp simulators, synths, and recording software.

Bands have already begun the experiment. Check out members of Akron/Family, AU, BrainStorm, Wow and Flutter and Menomena getting crunk with it here.

The pedals are hand made in Portland, OR and available directly from New Signal Process for $100.

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  1. It would be nice if it had a stomp switch and a longer cord option (to keep your itouch/iphone off the ground near your feet).

    I doubt that iOS devices will eliminate demand for digital stomp boxes and effects for guitarists right now.

    That being said, I think apps + the right interface could be an effective semi-pro budget addition to a guitarist's rig for certain digital effects like delay, reverb, etc. Even possibly for some unique spectral or glitch effects without the lugging of a computer or VSTi effects box would be useful to have for some guitarists.

    So I think a box like this is a good start, but it needs to be sitting on the ground with the itouch somewhere far from the guitarist's feet.

    A future interface I would like to see is a integrated iTouch/iPhone dock w/hard clear casing, audio interface w/ bypass switch, and dedicated 4 knob control box, operating roughly how the synthstation keyboard would work only for guitar apps. The iOS device would sit in the dock protected by the clear casing for display, the audio interface would have mono input/stereo output, the knobs would through some protocol talk to iOS apps, and there would be a switch for toggling the audio's bypass.


  2. OK, at least this is lots cheaper than the Sonoma solution. But still, $100 for connectors in a box with a resistor or two and a pot for impedance matching??!!

    If Apple would just build in mini USB or Firewire and put support in their OS for audio I/O, we could use our iThing with the audio interfaces already available that have great sonic capabilities, A/D, D/A, etc. Most of us with home studios already own at least one of these interfaces.

    WHY are we forced to buy makeshift/overpriced/hacked solutions, or build our own, just to get decent audio I/O for music apps? C'mon, Apple …. you're supposed to LOVE music, at least that's what I always hear during Job's keynote speeches. It can't be that hard….

  3. This is made in my home town, but I'm still not thinking that's enough for me to drop down $100.

    The alesis protrack still looks like the best option. Amazon has them $115 now.

    The prices of these things are way too expensive for what they do. When there is a good interface for $50 I can see more people buying them rather than just musicians.

  4. Where is the Blue Mikey? Thomann had it listed as available today, but it does not seem to have arrived. Remember that the V2 mikey has a stereo line input and USB passthrough, and it's currently listed at 75 Euros.

  5. Blue Mikey is nice, but the USB port is wired for power charging only (not as a full-functioning USB interface); and the line input is not affected by the impedance level switch, so it may not be effective for guitar input. Anyone tried it for guitar input?

  6. i ordered one. i much rather give money to these guys than apple. i have had bad luck with iphone products. i thought about sonoma- but switching apps to change the input where the breakout has a knob (easy)and i have given up on mikey, i liked the first one – but the wait killed it for me. i am actually excited for this product. no one knows what we want as gadget freaks, we need to tell them, i contact each company – paul reed smith, blue…just to see what there thought is on why they did what they did and tell them what i think they should do…with apps as well. do agree about prices.

  7. I understand that the mono input via the headphone socket
    has a LF roll- off, if this is the case then surely this device must suffer this constraint. Can anyone enlighten me? Please! A full frequency (though mono) input would suit me just fine.

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