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TouchOSC updated

Now that Logic Pro and Express 9.1.2 have just been updated with native OSC support, and TouchOSC has also got an update to accommodate them and new layouts too.


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Serious Rock Guitar

I said that I was going to check out this app and let you know what I thought. so here we go.

I’ve always liked the idea of apps that help you to learn something, especially if it is learning something music related, so this app has appeal from the start. Serious Rock Guitar contains a series of videos of Brian Aspey showing guitar techniques, all of which are pretty good.

But this app isn’t for those who are starting to learn guitar. The techniques that Brian shows us are way too complex for beginners. My view is that this app is more geared towards fairly serious guitarists looking to develop their technique and also those on the hunt for new ideas.

In terms of the app itself it is very straightforward, but is well designed and the video works fine on my iPhone 4 with no glitches or stutters.

Having watched all the videos I know that I’ve got a long way to go with my guitar skills.

If you’re already an accomplished guitarist then I can see that this app, and apps like it could be a useful source for new ideas and for learning.

Serious Rock Guitar is priced at £1.79 / $2.99.


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m16 video


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Relatively inexpensive Android tablet coming to the UK?

Gadgetlab posted about this Android tablet coming to the UK soon and for only around £250 ($395) which is cheap compared to the options around the Dell Streak.

Details at Gadgetlab.

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BreakOut from New Signal Process

We’ve seen lots of activity in the iPhone audio interface market this year and I doubt that it is going to stop any time soon.

Interfaces have ranged from simple cables to dock based interfaces. New Signal Process, a Portland based company brings an interface that sits right in the middle. BreakOut is rugged and features level control and a bypass too.

Here’s the press release from New Signal Process (which I think is a really cool name too):

Now you can play through all the weird new digital app-sounds, from Japanese touch-screen noise synths and T-Pain to cool 8-bit distortions, and send them into your signal chain or Marshall.

The musicians, artists, hacks and tech gurus at New Signal Process have invented an audio recording and performance interface for the iPhone and iPad called the BreakOut, that literally breaks out the next myriad ramble of sonic/artistic possibilities.

Their hardware allows you to plug in a professional grade microphone, keyboard or guitar through your iPad or iPhone and send it out analog to an amp, di, or computer.

The same size as the iPhone, the BreakOut is housed in a rugged die-cast aluminum case and made with hifi components, a true bypass and level controls.

Whether your vision requires signal processing on stage, portable field recording or just a plethora of new effects in your home recording setup – you’re in luck – the BreakOut is designed to work with all the apps out there, giving you access to hundreds of effects, amp simulators, synths, and recording software.

Bands have already begun the experiment. Check out members of Akron/Family, AU, BrainStorm, Wow and Flutter and Menomena getting crunk with it here.

The pedals are hand made in Portland, OR and available directly from New Signal Process for $100.

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Monotron with developer’s signature

Matrixsynth has these pictures of a Monotron with the developer’s signature on the back. Cool!

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AmpKit Contest

Agile Partners announce details of their AmpKit contest. Here’s what you could win:

Grand Prize:
A Peavey Classic 30/112 amp! Born and built where it all began, the Peavey Classic® Series has evolved in the Mississippi Delta since 1973. All vintage vibes, versatility and wailing gain possibilities, these amplifiers come alive with the magic combination of 12AX7 and EL84 tubes and a timeless design from one of music’s enduring innovators. This is the same Classic amp we modeled in AmpKit, and is one of our favorites.

In addition, five lucky entrants will be randomly drawn to receive a one-year subscription to Guitar World Magazine and their choice of GuitarToolkit, TabToolkit or AmpKit+!

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m16 Arrived

A new MIDI player app for the iPhone and iPad arrives today. Here are the details:

m16 is MIDI player application that supports SMF (Standard MIDI File) for GM (General MIDI) specification.

SMF files can be shard by using iTunes’s file sharing function.
Also you can send SMF files by using m16’s WiFi uploader.

16 icons arranged in upper part of main screen show 16 MIDI channels.
Each channel is changed to the mute or the solo mode by tapping icons once or twice.
Moreover, during playback, performance information is displayed in the icon in piano roll / circle / MIDI analyzer mode.

In lower side of screen, there is 12 buttons in scrolled view.
They works for start / stop playback, changing key and tempo.

m16 supports background MIDI playback. (Supported device / OS version only)
So you can play your favorite musical instrument app together with the background tracks produced by m16 !


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More rumours of an Apple Subnotebook

AppleInsider has more rumours of a new subnotebook from Apple that might arrive next wednesday as the new MacBook Air.

Who knows, I think it could happen, it could even be multi-touch. I’m still hopeful for a new iLife with iOS versions too. Still, only a few days to go.

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iWriteMusic update

iWriteMusic, the notation app with no sound support now has MIDI output support, so you can email a MIDI file from the app.


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