iTablaPro update

iTablaPro gets a big update. Here’s what’s new:

  • NEW: Added an option (Settings tab) to switch between two 4-string tanpuras (default) or one 5-string tanpura.
  • NEW: App now displays the current time & battery level on the screen-saver
  • NEW: Added switch on Presets tab to control whether the mixer levels are loaded from the Preset
  • NEW: iPad version now shows popup tempo picker like iPhone version when you hold finger down on tabla display or double-click tempo slider
  • NEW: Added new “Basic No Fillers” style for Teentaal, similar to Basic style but with absolutely no fillers at all.
  • NEW: Added ‘Sawari Ang 2’ style for Jhaptaal
  • NEW: Added ‘Garba’ style for Dadra taal

iTablaPro Clip to Evernote

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