iPad is the fastest selling gadget ever

Quite a few sites have picked up this story including TUAW. But what does it mean?

I mean, I think that the iPad is a great device, I really like it, and I really like what it is doing for mobile music, and what it is provoking in Apple’s competitors as well.

I think that if tablets can really capture the public’s attention then that could mean more mobile music applications, more innovation and the possibility of more creativity. That can only be a good thing.

iPads at the Apple Store

http://static.evernote.com/noteit.js Clip to Evernote


  1. I love my iPad. I can't wait for the new OS to come out so it can be multi-task enabled like my iPhone 4. Using multiple apps to sketch out ideas ( voice memos recorder w/ simple songwriter) I don't know how many times this has come in handy. Fast swtiching between goodreader and finger piano to work out music theory examples is like having a small school right in your backpocket. My old samsung 920a could do jack except record voice memos.

    I can't wait to see what innovations the next get of ipads will have. Already my iPad is an indespencible piece of mobile music gear…with the iPhone 4 at a close 2nd.


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