Big Xewton Music Studio update

Xewton Music Studio gets a really big update today. Here’s what’s arrived:

  • iPhone 4 retina display support
  • 16 additional instruments (13 free, 3 in the shop)
  • Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer support
  • 100 beat loops
  • iTunes file sharing (iOS 3.2, iOS 4 and later)
  • File associations (open .xms and .mid files from Safari and Mail)
  • Improved multitouch on the keyboard (slide and play simultaneously)
  • Battery consumption improved
  • Lots of performance optimizations and stability improvements
  • List of the new instruments: HipHop Kit, Sound Effects Kit, Harp, Harmonica, 9 Synths (and Sitar, Shakuhachi, 8-bit kit in the shop)

Music Clip to Evernote

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