WP7 Launches, but does anyone care?

Mobilecrunch asks this question, and I’d like to put it a different way. Microsoft launches WP7, and will it change anything?

For mobile music it is fair to say that iOS is probably on top for now with Android coming up, and blackberry’s QNX OS for their new tablet could be great too.

Microsoft’s last version of their mobile OS wasn’t bad for mobile music. We had app’s like Griff and Syntrax which were amazing, but MS said right from the beginning that existing applications wouldn’t be supported under WP7 which I thought was a big step backwards. Even Palm had made available a classic emulator for webOS, so why not Microsoft.

Anyway, I seriously wonder if WP7 will make a difference to mobile music any time soon.

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  1. I want to see what the snapdragon can do. I wonder if WinMobi7 can handle midi better than ios? I can see some of those old school win mobile music apps being ported. I don't care about the interface, just how the apps work on it.

    Is WinMobi7 easier to Program than iOS? Less restrictions?

    I want to hear what the music devs think that's going to be programing for it.

  2. Sheesh, if you want to know “what kind of title” that is, simply read the very first sentence of the ensuing post, johnnyg0…

  3. Yeah I do care, especially as I still have a WinMo 5 device.

    I wish that MS hadn't moved to a completely new platform for their mobile OS.

    I think that intermorphic said that they wouldn't port Mixtikl over to WP7, which is a shame, but understandable.

    I can't see Griff porting as they would've gone to iOS if they were going to do anything at all.

    I'd love to see some awesome music apps come to WP7 although it would push me to buy a WP7 device of some kind.

  4. @Palm Sounds

    You just described everything I don't like about all the new mobile platforms : none of them works with what we liked from other/previous platform. As much as I like new platforms, there are no efforts to provide some layer of compatibility with their parent OS. IOS can't run OSX software, WP7 can't run Windows software, Android can't run Linux software, except maybe some exceptions using a lot of elbow grease.


    Hey glad to see you spelled my name right this time. So you're saying we should all be headless sheeps and reproduce exactly what we see elsewhere, and piss on the people who are questioning it? Do you have problems dealing with opinions in real life too?

  5. @johnnyg0 I agree, but I can't see any way around it for now.

    I've always dreamed of a pure OS that was just for mobile music. Capers was going to be just that, but never saw the light of day sadly.

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