What are your music app tips?

Do you have any really good music app tips? Any apps you’ve worked out a really clever workflow for? If you do, let me know so I can share them with everyone else.

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  1. Stereo Split with Reforge. Thanks to Tib and I (lol) we now have the ability to split a stereo track in 2 wich will turn the left and right channel into separate mono tracks.

    Reforge is now my #1 app in my top 10 list. Sample chopping on the iPad is now the real deal.

  2. Tweakybeat sounds fantastic when run through a multieffects pedal.
    Voiceband can be used with a keyboard if you send the signal through a guitar cable.
    If you accidently click on 'I am T-Pain' and it asks you “Do you want to delete this application and all of its data?”
    Click 'Yes'

  3. Nano studio makes for a good file manager. You can copy/paste from both clipboards and you can select multiple at once (paste 7 loops at once or whatever). Has a workable waveform editor too.

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