Another decent update for Movie Slate. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added NonDropFrame rates: 23.976, 29.97, 59.98.
  • WiFi & Bluetooth Sync – not all fields were being transferred.
  • Headphone Jack Sync – the dropframe flag was not always being set/unset.
  • Music Video mode – timecode now defaults to Song IN point when song is not playing.
  • Music Video mode – Songs without Artist meta data are now properly reloaded on app launch.
  • Music Video screen – newly chosen Songs no longer play immediately.
  • Music Video – WiFi Timecode Sync now works properly when the receiver’s auto-start and auto-end are OFF.
  • Camera Optics screen – individual field clear buttons did not permanently clear data.
  • Slate Appearance changes were not always displaying immediately.
  • Settings: added a “Defaults” button to Reset All Settings.
  • LTC Sync (Headphone Jack) – iPod touch with iOS 3 can now send TC via Headphone Jack.
  • LTC Sync (Headphone Jack) – output was always set to left channel.
  • Settings -> Timecode Syncing -> Send TC Audio – changes now update in real time.
  • Settings -> Slate Behavior – choose Pre-Roll Beep count and beep interval.
  • Beeps & Clapper Tones are now much shorter (approximately one frame each).

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