Ken’s top 10

Thanks to Ken for an interesting top 10. Here’s what he says about his choices:

I have an obsession with music apps and only recently slowed down on purchasing them as these I’ve landed on are sufficiently complex enough to keep me busy. My typical process it to play these apps into a Korg Kaoss Pad KP3 and sample them small bits at a time. I look for an app that’s distinct in its sound and plays well and quickly on launch. There and few exceptions to those guidelines, but here’s where I land; Top 10 iPhone apps.

10 – Flourish – Beautifully designed, fun to compose with. It’s lack of standard features (can’t set a tempo with a number, you can only tap it in) keeps it out of my daily used, but as a standalone app it’s an pleasure to use

9 – Melodica – simple tone grid app that I keep coming back to because I can’t afford a Tenori-on

8 – Bebot – at first I dismissed it as a toy, but it’s one of the most responsive and expressive quick synths I’ve found for drones and bleeps.

7 – Xenon – just started on this app, but I love the fact that you can build essentially a huge bank of loops and trigger them yourself in pattern mode

6 – finger baseline – simple, easy to get a good sound, especially when used as a sound source

5 – pocket guitar – I especially love the delayed sounds and fact that you can raise it up to the 12th fret and leave the open strings still open

4 – Dopplerpad – I thought I’d use the updated custom synth engine more but I don’t; I keep coming back for the 4 sampler slots where I sample junk from around the house

3 – Nlog free – one of the best, most responsive synth apps out there. I find myself going back to sample it frequently.

2 – Rebirth – admitted it’s very difficult to play, but since I don’t have an XP era windows box at home anymore it’s the best way to get that 808 & 909 sound back. I don’t compose in it, but it’s great to build a loop, sample it, and move on

1 – Nanoloop – it makes the most unique and distinct sounds, is fun to play, and works well for live performance if you set up your file well

So there you have it. I hate to not include Star6, Beatmaker, and ProLoop, but as they really need external samples to be the most fun I don’t use them as much as I’d like. Clip to Evernote


  1. yeah nanoloop is the app! It's the only app i've really done something with, the rest is just to play around when I'm bored (somthing that actually never really happens) 🙂

  2. I like Nanoloop a lot, but haven't played with it in a few weeks. I should really as it is very clean and good to use and I've got about 3 tracks started in it too.

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