Ocarina gets a little update to allow it to use the Touch 4 mic, which is handy.


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  1. .. it needed an update just to use the touch 4 mic?… wow…

    Is this why none of my 200+ apps uses multitasking, even thought multitasking has been available for quite some time now? How much devs will rewrite their whole app if they want it to work with multitasking?

  2. .. also I wanted to buy the new touch 4 just because of that integrated mic, but reading this makes me want to wait. I would hate buying it only to find out my apps doesn't work with it (Wivi band, or Sample Toy for example)

  3. It is a pain waiting for apps to get updated to take advantage of new hardware features, and wondering if they will get update, but I'm guessing it is really a lot more work for devs to update them and for not too much reward

  4. yeah its really annoying, mostly because I have a deep feeling that a majority of these apps will never ever be updated for those new functions (and I see there's also many new apps who doesn't use those functions as well).

    It makes me wonder if IOS can really handle multitasking by itself (why would individual apps need special code to use it? Have you ever seen this in any other OS before?)

  5. Now you mention it, it is a bit odd I guess. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that apps can only do certain things in fast switching mode.

    A developer would need to comment in on this.

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