AirJ Pro

A very interesting new app for the iPhone / Touch. Here’s the description:

Introducing AirJ, the amazing app that turns your iDevice into the ultimate gestural midi controller for music, video and more. AirJ enables you to play instruments, mix decks, control effects and much more in realtime with your own gestures and movements. AirJ captures and converts motion detected on iPhones and iPod touches into midi, and communicates with your computer over wifi. Use your movements to control a wide range of midi-compatible software including Logic, Mainstage, Garageband, Ableton Live, Traktor and much more.

AirJ converts motion into midi natively, so all you need to do is run the application on a device connected to the same wifi network as your computer, and select network midi as a controller in your application’s preferences.

You can run AirJ on multiple devices simultaneously, and not only does AirJ send midi, it can respond to midi messages from computers or other AirJ devices on the network.
AirJ comes with a selection of default templates to work with your favourite software, and you can create and customise your own gestures, macros and sets. A deeply configurable controller interface means you can create whole new ways to interact with your tracks, instruments and mixes, and creates a whole new range of possibilities.

AirJ demos and tutorials are coming soon to plus a whole range of tips and tricks to get you up and AirJ-ing in no time. Don’t just DJ. AirJ.

The App is priced at $14.99

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