1st Impressions of StompBox

I was playing with StompBox this afternoon on my iPad with an iRig as an audio interface.

So far I’m really enjoying it. I had a quick flick through all the presets which were fine, and then started tinkering in earnest.

Adding and removing effects from the rack is really easy and getting each unit to work is fine. All the controls are intuitive and there’s nothing in the way the interface is set out that will give any guitarist any cause for concern.

I’ve really enjoyed the 4 track recorder as well, lots of fun with that so far, and hopefully it is a clue that MeTeoR might be on the way soon too!

Anyway, more on StompBox when I’ve had more of a chance to play around with it.


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  1. Great. I can take your word for it. 4Pockets Tweeted an Update for Latency issues coming soon. I'll probably buy it then. Wish they had a lite version to test.

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