NanoStudio 1.1 arrived

You may have already seen the update, but here are the details just for good measure:

  • Audio copy/paste – both Intua and Sonoma standards
  • MIDI file import/export
  • Support for the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer
  • Project import/export (self contained projects complete with samples packaged in a single file)
  • Direct SoundCloud export from phone
  • More mixdown options – individual track split, song regions, render tail option
  • Pan controls in mixer
  • Note preview in piano roll view when selecting and dragging
  • Complete backup/restore of unsaved Eden presets when the app is closed or a call is taken
  • Eden preset numbers now begin from zero, not one (this is to match preset changes made via MIDI)
  • New (empty) global bank C for Eden
  • Increased sample size limit to 8MB
  • ‘Loop on selection’ feature in song editor – sets song loop points to the current selection
  • Samples above 8MB can now be previewed in file dialogue (the first 20 seconds)
  • MIDI input on Windows version
  • NanoSync – Support for 24 bit wavs, copying folders and older PowerPC machines
  • Snap to centre zero on pan knobs

That’s a pretty big update by anyone’s standards.

NanoStudio Clip to Evernote


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