Moonbuz posts this link to the possibility of a hardware controller for the iPad running NLogSynth Pro!

What do we think?

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  1. Seems like a waste of time to build a custom controller for an App that is bound to get updates in the next year which I'm sure will change things up. If the guy already has a line6 mobilizer and midi controller, why not just put it to use and you know… make some music?? This reminds me of that god awfully expensive monome crap. Seriously it must be hipster “chic” to make controllers these days.

  2. It remind me of the guy who built a custom controller just for the Imposcar VSTi, or that other guy who built a complete organ controller for the Native Instrument B4 (just before NI canned the B4 :). Some people are really into building stuff like this.

  3. a controller for a synth that lives in a controller? a keyboard interface (midi…) for a synth that sits in a touchscreen which can be a wonderful keyboard controller? that sounds totally weird to me.
    one should better get thumbjam and send midi from that app to some serious midi synth, be it hardware or software. that way round, the benefits of a touchscreen keyboard (as shown by thumbjam) and the sound of a more powerful “real” synth could be combined…

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