Next iPad rumours

AppleInsider has rumours about a possible next generation iPad. According to this rumour the next iPad will be a 7″ device with up to 128gb of storage, retina display and a camera. Clip to Evernote


  1. Smaller suits those of us used to the iPod touches portability – iPad is simply too big for your jeans back pocket, or coat pocket or whatever. Plus apple need to capture folk who would otherwise buy a 7″ galaxy s tablet. I for one would jump on a 7″ iPad quicker than i would jump on a 9″ one.

  2. I am the same way. If I buy a $500 gadget I want to take it around with me and actually… use it. The current ipad is too large and too similar for me to actually consider buying it. A 7″ version would be perfect and I wouldn't need a man purse to carry it around. But knowing apple it will not be much cheaper than the current ipad.

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