Backline DDP Mobile arrives

A new app from Audiofile Engineering. Backline DDP Mobile arrives at the app store and is free although to enable playback you need to make an in-app purchase. Here’s the detail:

Need to listen to DDP files on your iPhone? There’s an app for that! Created exclusively for iOS by Audiofile Engineering, Backline DDP Mobile allows you to load, examine and playback DDP (Disc Description Protocol) files. It also features a useful database of audio mastering studios around the globe. The free version of Backline DDP Mobile includes full access to the mastering studio database and the ability to load and examine DDP filesets. To enable playback in the DDP Player, complete a onetime in-app purchase using your App Store account. There is no time limit on Demo Mode, and in-app purchase upgrades can be made at any time.

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